Are you 30 year old and no have a good financial status?

30 year old financial plan

           Who are already or nearly 30 year old should read this. When you will success your life and have stable finance? Someone said they must have more than a million dollar, someone said no any debt, someone said must have their own business. And how about you? Here are some financial information help you survey your money management.

Review the pass 30 year old story

        Which one you have more between asset and debt?

     Many people have a good job, get 10 thousand or more every month but more expenditure too or equal income. First thing you should record asset list to compare with all debt and if found debt more than asset. You should start plan all expenditure seriously.


          Create financial budget on your way.

     Although you get many income each month. You might also loss it all too cause many people think they have enough money to pay everything. Wait for end of month and you will got salary again and this will make you miss. So after you create your financial budget, you will suddenly know where your loss money and which thing worth to pay.


           When you have many debt. You must clear it as fast as possible.

     When you already survey yourself and record income-expenditure and found debt more than asset you have or when you almost 30 year old and still have more debt. You should clear it both home loan, car fix, credit cards, etc and when it’s all gone you can plan savings or invest in financial product.


          Manage risk.

     Do you know the risk in your life and how to manage them. The risk of people have 3 side include health, when older your health would deteriorate, Money side, although you get more income every year but may be meet financial crisis about expenditure, lack of cash flow, Lifestyle side effect is lack of cash flow. So you already know all risk effect your financial health so hurry up find the way to manage risk as fast as possible.


          Tax planning

     You should learn how to manage your tax for protect lost more tax unconsciously. Lear about tax will help to decrease tax liability Whether it be tax deduction or ignore the tax in many case. This will help you save tax. So plan your yearly tax for maximum benefit.


          Start Retirement Plan now

     Today, You already start retirement plan or not? When you get older, The opportunity to save money for retirement is less cause you can’t work until you 100 years old. So, to protect financial problems. you must plan before your retirement now. The easy way to invest in Provident Fund. If you have more, you might invest in financial market but not too much of your savings cause investing is risky and may not be suitable for somebody.


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