Financial Planning Tips For 2018

Financial plan

          The old year is about to pass. It’s a good time to set a goal in the new year’s coming. Everyone wants to be successful. Someone pray for god, someone work hard all the year. And how about you? Are you have a good Financial Planning for next year 2018. If not let’s see some guide bellow.

Revision all of story in the past year

          Let’s see how much money in your bank account. When you clear all debt or decrease expenditure. What’s the successful story this year you can do such as this year you could save 10% follow target and try more percentage in the next year such 15 or 20%. But if you can’t, try more and more. Speak with yourself “You can do it” every day in front of the mirror in the morning and you really can do it. Just start now!


Set more challenge for your goal

          Forget the failure in the past year cause you can’t rectify it. Stay calm and think more. Use this time to set up  new financial goal for your life. Write it on your note that you will have saving 20% of your monthly income. Use automatic savings program to collect money or buy some insurance or buy some stock by average expend per month. And if you get more salary don’t forget to collect more money too.


Record your income and expenditure

          We know it’s hard for you to do something new but if not start today..When? Just only start it now, until end of month you could see total expenditure. You can see every transaction which need or extravagant. No one could do for you. You must do it yourself and these will help your financial planning.


Intend to clear all your debt

          Set a goal to clear your debt and start from first month. Keep try to not make new debt if not necessary. Clear your debt as fast as possible. If you good luck and get some bonus from your company. You should split some of it to pay your debt such home loan or credit card.


          Hope these guide will help you more or less. And just remind you again… “You can do it”

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