How to maximize value your foreign exchange?

Foreign Exchange

          Tourism for worker may be short period time but worthy for them. Some one have only one holiday in each week. So they no have enough time for trip. But If they have long weekend. It’s time to have a long trip too. May be go to travel in foreign such America, Europe, Asia. One of the most important issue is “Foreign Exchange” for there trip.

For someone must go to work in foreign for long time. These are some knowledge you should know before go to foreign.

Survey exchange rate before trip

          The first thing you should do before trip is survey exchange rate from you local currency to foreign currency you will go, you will know the minimum and maximum amount you could received. There is opportunity to get more or not? You should plan a least 2-3 month before trip cause you may be get the better rate. They’ve several way to survey exchange rate. You might go to the bank or check from bank’s website or foreign exchange’s shop in your local area.


Exchange other currency first and then exchange you target currency

          Try to exchange other currency first then exchange them covert to your target currency. Although complicate but it’s the secret way you could received maximize amount of foreign currency you want.


Compare exchange rate from many source.

          If you want more profit for foreign exchange or maximize worth. You must compare exchange rate from many source such between local bank, Exchange company in your country. Many people forget these issue and this cause to waste time to exchange at airport which bad rate and not worth. You should prepare and exchange before trip except not enough money then exchange in airport, hotel or train station in foreign.


Stability and situation in each country

          Before a trip to each country it’s very important you should check the stability and situation in the country you go cause if have bad situation such flood, wildfire or other bad situation like protests, terrorize this direct effect your life and also effect exchange rate extremely fall.



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