Small 4 Thing can change your money management

Money management

Small 4 thing can change your money management

1. Prepare for savings
          If you got new position in your office and also more salary..Yeah!! congratulation with you, so what’s next? You should target your money’s plan such create automatic savings program for your financial security and also plan savings for the future.


2. Pay attention to debt
          Plan to decrease your repayment and try to keep the minimum until end of your system, this the best way you should do. Continuous target your repayment in time limit. Don’t let a little dept become to big amount with growth interest, this will be the first mistake for your money management


3. Seriously learn more money management
          Non stop learning money management. Find referable information to cumulative efficiently manage money and creative the best suitable money management such study from financial book, from seminar, financial or investment website with clearly and truly information. Include direct consult from finance specialist is the faster way to success.


4. Change your expenditure behavior
          Keep an eye to every tiny story about expenditure. Save money in every expend transaction will become large sum in your bank account such decrease shopping, extravagant meal, spend money for necessities.


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