Bank Of England says “Strong enough to cope with ‘disorderly’ Brexit”

Bank Of England Brexit

Stress tests: Britain’s biggest lenders have passed their toughest examination of their ability to survive a new financial crisis. The UK’s seven biggest lenders are all strong enough to cope with a “disorderly” no-deal Brexit, according to a Bank of England assessment. For the first time since the annual stress testing regime began in 2014, all the major lenders received a clean bill of health though the weakest two – Barclays and state-backed Royal Bank of Scotland – struggled. “Let’s be clear, this is a big call … Because we will be here in March 2019 in the unlikely event that we end up in a situation without a transition deal or without an agreement. So we are putting our money where our mouth is,” BOE Governor Mark Carney said in a press conference.

Everyone know the “Stress tests“. Although it’s the measurement for all bank or financial institution. But how could we believed or trust this tests. Don’t forget there is so many other factor will come and would be painful for all system. Do you also believe?

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