Commercial Bank still necessities or not in Cryptocurrency era


          As we know that Bitcoin is archetype of cryptocurrency invent to create “Trust system” and many question for necessities of commercial bank. Many people start to ask for the importance of commercial bank will decrease or not if cryptocurrency era has come. It might bring to apply use for central bank and increase importance for itself. So the commercial bank must concern for this issue.

          Mostly money in this world are digital currency. We must understand that education of central bank mostly keep an eye on effective the usage of digital currency in the market or call “Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) by bring DLT technology of cryptocurrency for usage. These “Money” distribute between bank or central bank such as trade bank reserves is only the numberic in bank account changed, no use paper. Such as Sweden will become to cashless social. And also in China which economic growth like a leapfrog. Big company like Alibaba and Tencent use QR technology to increase power of Alipay and Wechat Pay pass mobile phone. In addition, Bank of England submit formal of account “CBDC” which we could direct deposit to central bank with no pass commercial bank or local bank. These certainly effect commercial bank but how could we “Trust” in this system. That’s the question for the next generation nearly come.



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