Why Bitcoin mania may be making fortune for someone?

Bitcoin Mania

          Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that lives on computer servers. The virtual coins are “mined” by complex algorithms and recorded in a digital ledger. The digital currency was designed to operate outside of the control of governments or banks. It has also proved popular in the past with criminals because of the amount of anonymity it allows. Bitcoin isn’t tied to any central bank, and payments can be made anonymously without using banks as middlemen also it’s easy to do those transactions very quickly … and avoid traceability of the cash.

          It may be the heaven land for hacker who could hack big amount and no any organization could verify or investigate. So you should be carefully for this cause if you have more bitcoin the more risk to hack will increase too. If you would like to decrease risk of this you may be trade alternative financial product such commodity like gold, silver, stock, future..etc.


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