Would you want to get paid in cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency paid

          Who knows in one day your boss may paid your salary with bitcoin instead cash? If it’s real. Are you agree with it?To stay the numbers easy, if the Bitcoin value was once $10,000 and an worker opted to have $1,000 in the virtual foreign money, they might obtain 0.1 Bitcoin. Employees who make a selection to promote straight away would obtain the similar in money as they might were paid (as long as that they had organized for the sale to occur in advance). But as we know bitcoin price usually swing. That $1,000 would possibly finally end up being price $3,000. Or doubtlessly subsequent to not anything. “High risk high return” this word still could use. Staff must be made aware that “there’s no guarantee that its price will rise and there’s no intrinsic value because there’s nothing to back it up”. And what about your idea?


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