How to maximize value your foreign exchange?

Foreign Exchange

          Tourism for worker may be short period time but worthy for them. Some one have only one holiday in each week. So they no have enough time for trip. But If they have long weekend. It’s time to have a long trip too. May be go to travel in foreign such America, Europe, Asia. One of the most important issue is “Foreign Exchange” for there trip. For someone must go to work in foreign for long time. These are some knowledge you should know before go to foreign. Survey exchange…

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Central Banks Begin Buying Cryptocurrency in 2018

Bitcoin start 2018

          Central banks will begin holding bitcoin and Ethereum next year, Peter Smith, CEO of Blockchain said. Behind closed doors, G7 central banks are sluggish traders that buy and sell the same foreign currencies, marketable securities, special drawing rights (SDR) and gold day in and day out. Central bank traders follow the investment policy enforced by the executive committees with specific asset allocation targets. In order of importance, the objective for foreign reserves trading generally is liquidity, security and returns (in last place). “Bitcoin is already a top 30 currency by supply, and this…

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Germany may be the first European country to provide futures for the cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Germany

          Deutsche Boerse executives have been “thinking” about the introduction of futures contracts, German business magazine Wirtschaftswoche reported Wednesday. A German stock exchange operator is reportedly considering the launch of its own bitcoin futures contracts. “We are thinking about futures, with which private investors and institutional investors can protect existing investments in bitcoin or set for falling prices of the cyber currency,” a spokesperson for Deutsche Borse told the publication.  

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Are you 30 year old and no have a good financial status?

30 year old financial plan

           Who are already or nearly 30 year old should read this. When you will success your life and have stable finance? Someone said they must have more than a million dollar, someone said no any debt, someone said must have their own business. And how about you? Here are some financial information help you survey your money management. Review the pass 30 year old story         Which one you have more between asset and debt?      Many people have a good job, get 10 thousand or more every month but more expenditure…

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Financial Planning Tips For 2018

Financial plan

          The old year is about to pass. It’s a good time to set a goal in the new year’s coming. Everyone wants to be successful. Someone pray for god, someone work hard all the year. And how about you? Are you have a good Financial Planning for next year 2018. If not let’s see some guide bellow. Revision all of story in the past year           Let’s see how much money in your bank account. When you clear all debt or decrease expenditure. What’s the successful story this year you can…

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Small 4 Thing can change your money management

Money management

Small 4 thing can change your money management 1. Prepare for savings           If you got new position in your office and also more salary..Yeah!! congratulation with you, so what’s next? You should target your money’s plan such create automatic savings program for your financial security and also plan savings for the future.   2. Pay attention to debt           Plan to decrease your repayment and try to keep the minimum until end of your system, this the best way you should do. Continuous target your repayment in time limit. Don’t let a…

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“Jerome Powell” Are you the next Fed’s chairman?

Jerome Powell

          “Governor Powell has proved he is qualified to lead the Fed,” Sen. Mike Crapo, a Republican from Idaho and chairman of the committee, said at the hearing. If Powell is confirmed by the Senate panel, his nomination will advance to the Senate for a full vote. It’s unclear when that vote would be scheduled. President Trump nominated Powell early last month to replace Chairwoman Janet Yellen when her four-year term expires on February 3.           And What’s next for the future of Federal Reserve? Jerome Powell was a lawyer in New York before he…

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Bitcoin fly to 8,000


Bitcoin move up through 8,000 already. Is it continue move up and nothing can stop it? Many question from investor such “It’s too high to buy or not?” “Overbought signal?” “The time to sell right?” Who’s know? In fundamental part, there is so many reason to drive the price up same as bad reason. And also in technical part too.

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Pursuit of Happiness like him…Kotani Makoto

Kotani Makoto happiness

If you usually loss from trade with Gold, Forex or any investment and feel like It’s the worst in your life.Look at this… It’s true almost thing of this world must use money to buy. Many people think If they have more money then more happiness.  Do you think If you usually win from trading and have 10 or 100 million dollar then you will be the most happiness man in this world. Let see this man “Kotani Makoto” the man who can buy the happiness with 0 dollar. Kotani…

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