Financial Planning Tips For 2018

Financial plan

          The old year is about to pass. It’s a good time to set a goal in the new year’s coming. Everyone wants to be successful. Someone pray for god, someone work hard all the year. And how about you? Are you have a good Financial Planning for next year 2018. If not let’s see some guide bellow. Revision all of story in the past year           Let’s see how much money in your bank account. When you clear all debt or decrease expenditure. What’s the successful story this year you can…

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Trade Idea

          We know someone is only a beginner, intermediate or super Trader in financial market and everyone have there own technical or fundamental knowledge. These information just only trade idea for anybody who want to know more idea or other technique to make profit in financial market and also money management there portfolio. Repeat!!! just trade idea for whom to interested.           And the same principle for all “No one Trader always win the market. Just manage your portfolio to live or survive.”

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Bitcoin fly to 8,000


Bitcoin move up through 8,000 already. Is it continue move up and nothing can stop it? Many question from investor such “It’s too high to buy or not?” “Overbought signal?” “The time to sell right?” Who’s know? In fundamental part, there is so many reason to drive the price up same as bad reason. And also in technical part too.

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Pursuit of Happiness like him…Kotani Makoto

Kotani Makoto happiness

If you usually loss from trade with Gold, Forex or any investment and feel like It’s the worst in your life.Look at this… It’s true almost thing of this world must use money to buy. Many people think If they have more money then more happiness.  Do you think If you usually win from trading and have 10 or 100 million dollar then you will be the most happiness man in this world. Let see this man “Kotani Makoto” the man who can buy the happiness with 0 dollar. Kotani…

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