Banks workers should have more specific skills

Bank worker

          Bank are actively headhunting for workers again, but they want specific skills. They also want specialists who understand the digital and “fintech” realms. This time however, their focus will be on digital and fintech staff. The rising influence of digital and banking-specific technology — so-called fintech — is “really changing how banks themselves will organize their own recruitment functions. In demand are people who know how to work in the digital and fintech spaces, with “huge supply shortages, particularly in Asia” driven by a lack of people with the right skills. And may be…

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Technical Gold Week (17-23 DEC 2017)

Gold Week (17-23 Dec 2017)

          Gold price Week : Seem like if it can’t stand on above trend line. May be price fall down near 1215. The price still move below each EMA 20, 50, 100, 200 and the candle price still not confirm divergence. But if it move not hit low of last week near point 1235. May be it will move sideways for a while.  

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Trade Idea

          We know someone is only a beginner, intermediate or super Trader in financial market and everyone have there own technical or fundamental knowledge. These information just only trade idea for anybody who want to know more idea or other technique to make profit in financial market and also money management there portfolio. Repeat!!! just trade idea for whom to interested.           And the same principle for all “No one Trader always win the market. Just manage your portfolio to live or survive.”

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