Pursuit of Happiness like him…Kotani Makoto

Kotani Makoto happiness

If you usually loss from trade with Gold, Forex or any investment and feel like It’s the worst in your life.Look at this…

It’s true almost thing of this world must use money to buy. Many people think If they have more money then more happiness.  Do you think If you usually win from trading and have 10 or 100 million dollar then you will be the most happiness man in this world. Let see this man “Kotani Makoto” the man who can buy the happiness with 0 dollar.

Kotani Makoto is the one of homeless in Japan. He has no job, no home, no money. Many people have the same question. “Could you live with no money?” Certainly no one can cause you must use money for buy food, residence, medicine and necessities of life. Almost thing in this world must use money for exchange except you live in the wilds.

But this man prove us that He can live in the big city like Tokyo with no use any money and so happy. Kotani Makoto used to be a comedian but It’s not work for him until He has been expelled from the room.

Now Kotani is the homeless celeb. He has more than ten thousand fan club on twitter. The whole world is his home. People all of the world is his friend. No any saving money and so happy.

He start to be homeless 4 years ago living by “Sell time” of himself only 50 yen or estimate 0.5 us dollar exchange with everything He can do for people in one day such as cleanness, gardening, accompany people on a trip. Certainly people like this cause It was very cheap and considerate him until treat him to a meal, drink. Some people let him free residence with no any charge. “I’m touch his sincerity” the one of his favorite customer said. Kotani said “The key of his happiness is not expect, not much rule for life, do the work that not trouble people, enjoy every work, happy to help each other.

Therefore….Don’t be serious If you usually loss from trade. Let’s have fun and happy with them. Good luck…

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